For Hoteliers
For Hoteliers
Company LCI Travel Solutions is open for cooperation.
Every day our team is working to increase the number of establishments. If you are the owner of the hotel and are interested in cooperation with LCI Travel Solutions, we would be pleased with being able to reach an agreement with your hotel/chain. Working with LCI Travel Solutions means, you can reliably distribute your product to a wide number of travel providers through our agency booking site and XML/API interface. Please, contact us at anytime to discuss, how we can help your business reach more customers and increase your sales.
Easy and fast connectivity:
Key Features and Benefits:
  • Channel manager integration.
  • Direct XML conectivity.
  • Access to personal Extranet System.
  • DHISCO distribution system.
  • Manual managing of contracts.
  • FIT and Dynamic rates.
  • Full range of room types.
  • Open and close free sale / allotment.
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Payment by Virtual Credit Card.
  • Multicurrency Support.
  • Ability to sale by markets.
  • Easy and fast integration.
  • Ongoing technical support.
  • Individual solutions that best adapts to your needs.
Contact us:
Our managers will contact you as soon as possible.